Mapping Violence is a multifaceted project that includes compiling a digital archive of histories of racial violence, researching documented cases, curating content (including digital tours and historical essays), and an interactive map. The digital archive is the first to include multiple forms of violence (at the hands of law enforcement, US soldiers, and vigilantes) that targeted multiple racial and ethnic groups (African Americans, Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals, Asian Americans, Native Americans and European immigrants).

Mapping Violence will be useful for a range of groups. Visitors will be able to learn from historical essays, a timeline, digital tours, and the descriptions of each event. The content developed for this project will help public users gain an understanding of the complexities of the history of racially-motivated violence. Researchers will be able to make use of the interactive map and information stored in the database to inspire new research projects. Educators will be able to utilize educational resources for K-12 and university classrooms.